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Since an early age, Toni has been a person who wanted to help others, to fix problems and to come up with creative ways to live a better life to become the woman of her dreams.  Despite her traumatic life experiences, situations and circumstances, Toni obtained her high school diploma from the Milton S. Hershey School, her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, her Juris Doctorate from Temple University School of Law and her Masters in Taxation (Ll.M.) from Temple University - Beasley School of Law.


Upon graduating from law school, Toni encountered roadblocks, rejection, harassment and negativity but she committed to learning and unlearning some things to manifest her dreams of helping women and girls (www.divamoment.org) live as though they were meant to be.


Toni Moore, Esquire is a Life Purpose Strategist and Empowerment Coach who mentors and inspires others to appreciate their uniqueness and encourages them to pursue their dreams and goals despite life experience and temporary circumstance.  Toni is passionate, innovative, committed and inspired to do what she can, when she can and all that she can to help others to achieve, pursue, chase and embrace the best of who they are to live on purpose.


Toni willingly shares the best of herself in a fun-loving manner with attendees of workshops, seminars, assemblies and conferences by utilizing wit, candor, a knack for story-telling and her persuasive voice to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness to live and work on purpose.


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I've earned many degrees academically, but the best lessons that I have ever learned has come through life experiences that taught me that nothing matters unless I allow them to matter to me, to affect me, to mold me and/or to shape me.  And that knowledge only came after I lived as a traumatized person who learned by other’s rejection - that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough of wise enough to manifest my dreams.  I wasn’t taught by others how to trust my inner voice, my own tuition or that I was more than enough to discover, nurture or appreciate my bigger beautiful spirit.


But life has a way of knocking us down and forcing us to listen to God’s still quiet voice that reminds us that we were meant for more.  And once we hear God whisper in our ear, we seek better and become greater at living passionately on purpose to make our dreams comes true.




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